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Meeting point: Dam Square in front of the National Monument.

New: The Alternative tour of Amsterdam, every day at 13:30

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If you want to know more about Amsterdam you must take this tour with a Dutch guide!

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam tells you the best stories that Amsterdam has to offer. Discover why Amsterdam is known as the most liberal city in the world. How did this small fishing village become so important in the 16th century? As Dutchmen we will tell you about Dutch culture and typical Dutch food. So join this tour and see Amsterdam as an Amsterdammer.

On this 2 hour tour we cover

royale palace Amsterdam

Royale Palace

The most important monument from the Golden Age, found on the square where Amsterdam got its name

Drugs Amsterdam

Drugs story

Find out why of all countries in the world did Holland choose to legalise marijuana and more?

VOC Amsterdam

The History of the VOC

Discover how trade made Amsterdam the richest city in the world during the Golden Age

Red light district Amsterdam

Red light district

Why is the prostitution legal? How does it work behind the windows? We will see the girls working in the famous Red-light district.

And a lot more!

New the Alternative tour of Amsterdam

Every day at 13:30

The Free Alternative tour of Amsterdam will take you beyond the basic tourist destinations to the heart and soul of Amsterdam: Learn all about crazy Dutch traditions, Dutch food and why it is so hard to find a Dutch restaurant, why we sell more than just good coffee at our coffee shops. With this Free Alternative tour, we will walk the UNESCO canal belt, go in-depth about new& old street art, squat movement and drugs story of Amsterdam. Know how and why this formed Amsterdam to the city it is today. This tour covers: Street Art explanation, indebt coffee shop explanation, squatting movement Amsterdam, why Amsterdam is gay capital, and much more……

Our team of Dutch guides has a passion for the alternative lifestyle of Amsterdam. We know the bar’s, artist and a squatting scene that make Amsterdam’s alternative scene. Join us on a tour that gets you off the tourist tracks and show you a different Amsterdam

When you want to discover Amsterdam and its culture it is best to just taste it

Every Saturday 10:30

And that is what we do with the Free Food Tour of Amsterdam. On this tour, we discover why Amsterdammers eat 17 kilos of cheese a year, what are bitterballen or kroketten, and when do we eat it? What is a typical Dutch dinner, where can you get the best chocolate from Amsterdam?? This and a lot more we discover on our Free food tour in Amsterdam. The tour is Free (tip based) and the samples are included. Book a spot and together we discover and taste Amsterdam and its Dutch Food.

Our guides

Our Guide Tim


Born in Harderwijk, a town one hours drive from Amsterdam. Which is a big distance in the Netherlands because in two hours you are already in Germany or Belgium. Having lived in Amsterdam for more than five years now I really love this liberal city.

Before I moved to Amsterdam I traveled a lot, and on these journeys I enjoyed a lot of free walking tours. I really loved the idea of a free walking tour so much, that I now started free walking tours Amsterdam for myself.

What do I really like about the walking tours? I like to meet all different cultures and learn about the differences and similarities that we have. Join me on one of the tours and ask all about Amsterdam's history culture and the special places where no tourist goes.

Our Guide Marius


Born in Amsterdam and live in Amsterdam which, is pretty unique these days. I lived (and studied) in Delft and Rotterdam too. But love my city Amsterdam the most, and as a local I thought I knew a lot about the city.

But when I first did a Free Walking Tour with Tim I felt really dumb, because there is so much more to know about Amsterdam than the locals know. For instance, I never knew about the secret hidden church...and why Napoleon called himself a rabbit when he became our king... So join the army of tourist that are way better informed than the locals, and join my tour.

The Free Walking Tour Amsterdam is just that good. It's a fresh and alternative tour that will learn you the origin of some English words like Angel, Love and F... (Freedom, yes very good) :) So what are you waiting for. Stop reading right now and hurry to the Dam!!

Our Guide Britt


Born in Hilversum, a city just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam, and also called “Hillywood” , the first thing I was sure about in my life was that I had to move to Amsterdam, which I did ASAP!

I studied History at the University of Amsterdam and as a social historian Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world, because it is a city with religious freedom, tolerance, pragmatism and a unique society from the very beginning.

For me the combination of my passion for history and my passion for travelling and meeting new people come together when I’m giving a Free walking tour and hopefully I can show you the beauty behind the weed, the sex and the rock and roll (and maybe also the beauty of it)! So come and join me on the next free walking tour in Amsterdam

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Private tour

If you want to see the best of Amsterdam, you have to hit the streets. And with Free Walking Tours Amsterdam I will help you discover Amsterdam and all the things you want to see. Free walking tours Amsterdam takes you where bus tours or canal tours cannot. Experience a personal tour from a Dutch and know the story behind the legalization of marijuana, the famous painter Rembrandt and the voyages of the VOC sailors.

We will take the time to see, enjoy and photograph all of the things you came to see. To make it possible for all travelers to join the tour, it is on a pay what you like basis. What this means is that you can donate what you like at the end. It also means I have to give you the best possible walking tour to keep you entertained and educated to earn your appreciation right till the end. To see all that Amsterdam has to offer come meet me at the monument at The Dam and experience it yourself.


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Thanks for the great tour this morning

“Thanks for the great tour this morning”

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and what a fun way to discover more about it by foot. A great tour if you want to discover the city for the first time.

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Amazing tour around Amsterdam

“Amazing tour around Amsterdam”

Our guide for the walk was Marius, and he was excellent. Very informative, and with a good sense of humour. There were only 7 of us on this tour, and it helped to make it seem more personal

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Lovely way to see Amsterdam

“Lovely way to see Amsterdam”

Lovely way to see the city and learn more of its history, this tour really opens your eyes to Amsterdam's colorful culture in ways you might not discover on your own.

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