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Free Walking Tours Amsterdam tells you the best stories that Amsterdam has to offer. Discover why Amsterdam is known as the most liberal city in the world. How did this small fishing village become so important in the 17th century? As Dutchmen we will tell you about Dutch culture and typical Dutch food. Book this Free Tour Amsterdam now and explore the city as an Amsterdammer!

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On the 2-hour Classic Tour we cover

Royal Palace

The most important monument from the Golden Age, found on the square where Amsterdam got its name

Drugs Story

Find out why of all countries in the world did Holland choose to legalise marijuana and more?

The History of VOC

Discover how trade made Amsterdam the richest city in the world during the Golden Age

Red Light District

Why is the prostitution legal? How does it work behind the windows? We show all sides of the mysterious and famous Red-Light district

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The Free Alternative Tour of Amsterdam

Free Tour Amsterdam is tip-based, however, we have to charge €1,55 entertainment tax per person before the tour

The Free Alternative tour of Amsterdam will take you beyond the basic tourist destinations to the heart and soul of Amsterdam: Learn all about crazy Dutch traditions, Dutch food and why it is so hard to find a Dutch restaurant, why we sell more than just good coffee at our coffee shops. With this Free Alternative tour, we will walk the UNESCO canal belt, go in-depth about new& old street art, squat movement and drugs story of Amsterdam. Know how and why this formed Amsterdam to the city it is today. This tour covers: Street Art explanation, indebt coffee shop explanation, squatting movement Amsterdam, why Amsterdam is the gay capital, and much more……

Our team of Dutch guides has a passion for the alternative lifestyle of Amsterdam. We know the bar’s, artist and a squatting scene that make Amsterdam’s alternative scene. Walk along on a Free tour Amsterdam, that leads you off the tourist tracks and shows you a different Amsterdam

Join a Free Alternative Tour Amsterdam, every day at 13:30 (1:30pm)

Taste the culture with the Free Food Tour Amsterdam

Free Tour Amsterdam is tip-based, however, we have to charge €1,55 entertainment tax per person before the tour

With the Free Food Tour of Amsterdam. We discover why Amsterdammers eat 17 kilos of cheese a year, what are bitterballen or kroketten, and when do we eat it? What is a typical Dutch dinner, where can you get the best chocolate from Amsterdam? This and a lot more we discover on our appetizing Food Tour in Amsterdam. This Free Tour Amsterdam is tip-based and the samples are included. Book a spot and together we discover and taste Amsterdam and its Dutch Food.

Join a Free Food Tour Amsterdam; Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10:30am

Free Amsterdam Dark Side Tour

Free Tour Amsterdam is tip-based, however, we have to charge €1,55 entertainment tax per person before the tour

Explore the haunted history of Amsterdam on an eerie evening tour. Amsterdam wasn’t always the free-minded city it is today. Step into the shadows of medieval Amsterdam with our local guides and discover a dark past of torture, public execution and witch hunts. Tread through narrow alleys to find out how they got their spooky street names and uncover ghostly urban myths surrounding ruinous buildings. Join a Free Dark Side Tour of Amsterdam, if you dare to unveil the sinister side of our historic city centre.

Our evening tours are cancelled, keep an eye out for our website to stay updated on the next Dark Side Tour.

Free Red Light District Tour Amsterdam

Audio tours soon!

The Red Light District is an area full of stories that make Amsterdam famous in a lot of way’s. Why is this area in Amsterdam? When did it start? How does it work behind the windows? A lot of questions that will be answered in the Free Tour Amsterdam of the Red Light District. We will explain the inside stories from the opinions of the local residents and the women, with the history, present and future of this lively neighborhood.

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Free Walking Tour Amsterdam Deutsch

Aufgrund von COVID-Beschränkungen haben wir bis auf Weiteres keine Führungen. Bleiben Sie gesund und wir sehen uns bald!

Free tour Amsterdam auf Deutsch is basiert auf Trinkgeld, jedoch müssen wir €1,55 Vergnügungssteuer pro Person berechnen

Entdecken Sie die besten Geschichten von Amsterdam mit einem niederländischen Reiseführer als Freund. Der kostenlose Rundgang durch Amsterdam erzählt Ihnen in 2 Stunden alles, was Sie über Amsterdam wissen möchten.

Ursprung von Amsterdam

Das Goldene Zeitalter (heute 17. Jahrhundert genannt)

Drogen Geschichte von Amsterdam

Was zu tun und wohin in Amsterdam?

Geschichte des Rotlichtviertels

Diese unterhaltsame Tour basiert auf Trinkgeldern, was bedeutet, dass Sie selbst entscheiden können, wie viel Sie für die kostenlose Tour geben möchten. Entdecken Sie das Beste von Amsterdam mit einem lokalen Freund.

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Dam Platz
Private Touren

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam Español

Debido a las restricciones actuales de COVID, no tenemos recorridos hasta nuevo aviso. ¡Mantene a salvo y nos vemos pronto!

El Free Tour Amsterdam español se basa en propinos, sin embargo tenemos que cobrar €1,55 por persona impuesto turístico

Free Walking Tours Amsterdam cuenta las mejores historias que ofrece Ámsterdam. Conoce cómo este pequeño pueblo pescador se volvió tan importante en el siglo XVII. Descubre cómo la ciudad se esforzó por volverse tan liberal, legalizando la marijuana y la prostitución. Desde su Barrio Rojo hasta el Palacio Real, Ámsterdam es posiblemente la ciudad más diversa de Holanda.

En este tour de 2 horas, cubremos:

Origen de Ámsterdam

Edad de Oro (siglo XVII)

Política de drogas en Holanda

Historia de Red Light District (el Barrio Rojo Amsterdam)

Cultura de Países Bajos y comidas típicas holandesas

Nurestros guías son embajadores apasionados de su amada ciudad y obtienen sus ingresos de propinas voluntarias. Únete al próximo tour y descubre Ámsterdam con un amigo local

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam Español

Todos los jueves, viernes, sábados y domingos
Dam Platz
Tours privados

Meet the Free Walking Tour guides from Amsterdam


After being a running guide for 10 years, I found out my legs can also walk. Born in the 60s, so really a part of Amsterdam history myself. Walk (or run) along with me and step beyond the curtains of this open-air theatre I call my home. Just open the curtains and enjoy the show!


Born and raised in Amsterdam, which is pretty unique these days. I started as a history teacher, but being a traveler myself, I wanted to work with other travelers. The Free Walking Tour Amsterdam is now my classroom, so what are you waiting for? Stop reading right now and hurry to the Dam!


Welcome to my hometown! Let’s go downtown and I’ll show you how to eat a ‘kroket’ without burning your mouth, which coffeeshops to visit, but most importantly how to avoid the many tourist traps. As we say in the Netherlands, let’s have a ‘gezellig’ time in Amsterdam 🙂!

Dam Square
Every day at 10:30 & 13:30
Private tours

If you want to see the best of Amsterdam, you have to hit the streets. With Free Walking Tours Amsterdam we will help you discover Amsterdam and all the things you want to see in the safest way possible. Free Walking Tours Amsterdam takes you where bus tours or canal tours cannot and saves you the hassle of sitting together in a closed environment. Join us out in the open air, to experience a personal tour from a Dutch and know the story behind the legalization of marijuana, the famous painter Rembrandt and the voyages of the VOC sailors.

We will take the time to see, enjoy and photograph all of the things you came to see. To make it possible for all travelers to join the tour, it is on a ‘pay what you like’ basis. This means you can donate what you like at the end. It also means we have to give you the best possible walking tour to keep you entertained and educated to earn your appreciation right till the end. Join one our Free Tours Amsterdam to see what our city has to offer. Come meet your guide at the monument on the Dam Square and experience it yourself.
For more info about our current safety measures, please check our FAQ.




“Deep insight into Amsterdam”

Paul was quite an intellectual entertaining tour guide 😂🤝 He knows his way around the city and he will give you a deep insight to the origins of Amsterdam ❤


“The guide was very charming”

I had a wonderful time during the tour with Ethan. He’s a very charming and funny guy. The information he provided was also very interesting to know


“Favorite tour I’ve ever done!”

Sem was AMAZING!! I’ve done dozens of free walking tours and this was absolutely my favorite tour I’ve ever done! So good!