Tulips in Amsterdam

Tulip season is starting again in Amsterdam!
Amsterdam has a big history with tulips and the Tulip bubble! Learn all about the tulip mania on one of our tours, or watch this youtube video or the movie Tulip Fever.
And when you visit Amsterdam again, don’t forget to buy tulip bulbs for next spring!

What is the best time for Tulips?

Tulip season starts at the end of March and continues to May. This is the best time of the year to check out the Keukenhof. Or to bike around in the fields of Tulips around the area of Lisse.

Is the Keukenhof worth it?

Yes, the Keukenhof is worth paying a visit! It is about 1 hour traveling from Amsterdam. You can take a direct bus with many different companies the average price is about €40 round trip. The bus trip is 35 minutes and it is a round trip from 5 hours.

Or you can go the local way by yourself with public transport. The cost is about €20,- round trip and takes a bit more than an hour. And you can stay as long as you like.

Go to the Keukenhof, it is a bit touristy but definitely worth it. The flowers are really spectacular to see.

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