About Us

Free Walking Tour Amsterdam started in the year 2015 by Tim Lunshof, at the time we started because most free tours in Amsterdam were not given by original Amsterdammers but by guides from other countries. 

This may be because Dutch is almost impossible to learn ;-) We believe that for a local experience, you need a local that knows the city inside out and grew up in the country’s culture.

With this idea, Free Walking Tours Amsterdam was born and has grown ever since. We expanded to Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Haarlem & Delft. In all these cities our local guides are thrilled to show you the best stories and hidden gems of the city.  

In Amsterdam, Free Walking Tours Amsterdam has grown from a one-man business to a group of over 10 guys that all have a great passion for Amsterdam.

We also started to expand to different tours like a Food Tour, Alternative Tour and even a Dark Side Tour. So if you want more than the original Free Walking Tour (our Classic Tour) there are options enough. 

We look forward to meeting you and telling the great story of Amsterdam on one of our tours. Discover Amsterdam with a local friend.

Our Team