Marijuana & Hashish

Despite what you may think, cannabis is not really legal in the Netherlands. The correct word is ‘gedoogd’, which roughly translates to ‘tolerated’. On the tour we explain in detail how it works. For now: the possession and purchase of small amounts of different soft drugs like marijuana, hashish, space cake (hash or marijuana baked on a low temperature) and mushrooms, that we call truffles, is allowed. Users won’t be prosecuted for smoking or carrying it. This means that coffeeshops are allowed to sell it, but they are not allowed to buy it themselves.

Most cannabis product sold in the Netherlands used to be imported, but today the country has high-grade home produce, so-called Nederwiet. Please be careful, it can be quite strong. The most potent varieties contain 15% THC. Dutch weed will literally blow your mind, perhaps to an extent that you won’t feel comfortable with. This is why many local smokers have sworn off the Nederwiet.

If you are not used to it, please be careful. Start small, take the time for it. Space cakes and cookies are an option for the non-smokers. However, it’s difficult to say how much you should eat of it. Please ask the guy behind the counter, take his advice seriously.

Do’s and Dont’s with drugs

  • Do visit a coffeeshop, even if you only go for a coffee. It is a must see on your visit to Amsterdam
  • Don’t be foolish with drugs, it’s tolerated and we are happy with that. Don’t abuse it.
  • Do ask the seller how and where to use it. Especially if it’s your first time.
  • Don’t assume you’ll find hard drugs in a coffeeshop, they don’t.
  • Do be careful with the mushrooms and space cakes, since it takes a while to work and discover the effect of the dosage taken.
  • Do enjoy it (responsibly)!

During the Alternative Tour we discuss this topic in-depth. It is very important that you understand, even with legal marijuana, it is still dangerous to buy drugs on the streets. If you want to try drugs, rather discuss this with us and we will send you in a safe direction.