Address of start location

National Monument Dam square
Dam, 1012 JL Amsterdam

15 minutes before the tour we will be waiting for you in front of the National monument on Dam square. Your reservation will be secured until 5 minutes before the tour, after that we may appoint your spot to others.

The National monument is the white statue on the Dam square on the opposite side of the Royal Palace.

We have a white umbrella so you can recognize us easily.

How to find us


Be like the Dutch, who are known for being notoriously on time! Your spot is guaranteed until 10 minutes before the tour starts. After this, we may allocate your spot to other travellers.

Trying to find us may be difficult in the maze of canals and alleys in Amsterdam. Make sure you leave on time, take it easy and chat with us before the tour starts on Dam square.

If you are late and we left the meeting point, it is not possible to catch up with the group. Join us another tour!

It is a long tall Dutch man holding a white umbrella. We are standing in front of the monument 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
Please book the tour in advance, we are mostly fully booked, and the booking is valid up to 5 minutes before the start of the tour.

So if you try to just go there is a change that you can’t get the best tour of your life.

Just give it a try. Sometimes people do not show up and we allocate their place to others.

If we have 15 people, we can’t take any more – as we risk a hefty fine from the authorities.

That is up to you, we work on a donation base onl. So you get to set the price. If the tour feels good most people give €10 euro per person. But we are happy with anything you can miss. In this way everyone is able to join the tour.

We have to charge €1,50 per person for the entertainment tax from Amsterdam, plus a booking fee of €0,39 per person. More information about this tax here